Guidelines for Symposia Proposals

  • Symposia should have a minimum of two organisers and ideally include speakers from more than one institution.
  • Organisers should develop proposals that not only have strong content but also significant international representation and diversity.
  • Each symposium will be 90 minutes in length.
  • Individual presentation and discussion periods can be at the discretion of the organisers but should be in multiples of 15 minutes to facilitate synchronisation with parallel sessions. For example, organisers can choose to have a longer ‘keynote’ talk, and a series of shorter talks or all talks may have the same duration.
  • Proposals should identify speakers who have expressed interest in participating, provide a title or topic for their presentation, and list any specific audio-visual presentation requirements.
  • Proposals listing more than 6 or fewer than 3 confirmed speakers will not be considered.

The session organiser is responsible for submitting an overall abstract for the proposed symposia. It is important to ensure that all of your speakers agree to the abstract submission.

There are no fees associated with organising or submitting a Symposium, but the Organising Committee is unable to provide any funding for session speakers or any other associated costs. Therefore, organisers will need to ensure that speakers can cover their own costs (registration, flights etc.) or seek external funding.

Symposia Proposal Format

Symposium proposals should be submitted as a Microsoft word file (doc. or docx.) according to the following format.

  • Symposium title: The title should be informative, extensive, and preferably catchy.
  • Organizer(s): Please provide the name(s), institution(s), and email(s) of all organisers who will serve as the point of contact for the session and be responsible for communicating with the speakers.
  • Description (Overall Abstract): Should include the following:
    • A description of the symposia topic not exceeding 250 words which includes background information, goals, objectives, relevance, and timeliness of the topic.
    • A list of additional audio-visual presentation requirements (all venues have data projectors, network ports for laptops,radio microphones, speaker systems).
  • One-sentence session summary: This is an abridged version (less than 50 words) of the session description that will appear in the program.
  • Speaker talk title and description: Should include the following for each speaker separately:
    • The tentative title of the talk
    • A brief description of the topic not exceeding 100 words
    • Speaker's contribution to this particular session
    • Name, institution, and email of the speaker
      Only the speakers who have been contacted and have committed to the session should be listed.
  • Important note: Each focused symposium requires an overall abstract (250 words) and a separate brief description (100 words) for each contributing speaker for the symposium. All this information should be combined into a single Word document.

Proposal Submission